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Really, Zero should look alive because there’s not much Micah’s about to do to lend a helping hand—he doesn’t want to, really. He knows this is for Zero’s own good, and he has his fingers clasped around that sensitive bundle within Zero’s core that would drive the beast that lurked dormant within him. He feels his desperation, anxiety—the corridor itself flickers with dim light, and the sound of clicking footsteps makes itself known. Closer, closer… )

You’ve got to hunt sometime, Zephyr…
         —why not make the most out of it? 

Cruel and unrelenting, Micah manipulates this illusion—a tabby cat that slinks out from behind Zero’s ankles, her bright yellow eyes flashing like warning lights—she purrs, rubs into him, frame arching as she circles him and the steps only grow louder and louder. 

Do—don’t fucking call me that.

[  Zero shakes slightly, stepping backwards as he hears those footsteps, only to be greeted by the cat. He knows this cat. He hates this cat. Nausea is quick to overtake him, and panic surges through him—he doesn’t think twice before kicking the furry creature, crouching lower and preparing to attack.  ]

[  He doesn’t remember how to attack.  ]

[  Oh, god, he doesn’t remember how to attack.  ]

Micah—Micah! You—fucking




       I know. 

And in the span of a few singular seconds—a darkness is cast over the young man—Micah’s manipulation transcends simply being able to grasp control of others and use them as puppets. The manipulation of the mind went far—so far that an illusion is cast before Zero, the hot and fiery furnace that was Hell—a dim tangle of corridors that Zero would find himself in, with Micah nowhere to be found. )

—Look alive, now. 

An echo of the traits voice would bounce around in the skull of Zero—a cackle sounding, it’s deep within the corridors and Zero is naked and there’s that faint burning hunger that Micah guides within him—a wildness that Micah wants to prompt, something feral in him that Micah knows he can harness. )

[  It’s sudden, and the immediate reaction is fear, anxiety, and anger. The self he is currently is mixing with the self being projected, the hunger and the rage—his instincts are immediate, and he’s shifting into a defensive position and looking around. Familiar. Here is familiar. Bad familiar. He knows exactly where he is.  ]


[  Shifting upward, he looks all around—quick, nervous. His stomach is in knots and he isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do, why the trait would be cruel enough to bring him back here.  ]

Micah! I wa—nt out—Micah





No one knows what’s going on there. It’s not important. Actually, it is—but you won’t hear Micah saying much about it simply because it was far easier to shrug it off and pretend William’s hatred for him held no real grounds. He looks back towards Zero as they plunge deeper into the woods—it’s not terribly eerie, in broad daylight. But the setting isn’t very important anyway. Micah halts at a clearing—a brow arching towards Zero. 

       Not really. But you’re going to want to. Stand still, now.


What do you mean by that. Micah. I don’t like this.

[  But there isn’t much fight in him at all, so after the initial comments he quiets down and settles into stillness. He’s good at this, good at staying still for long periods of time and simply staring, unblinking, at whatever’s happening—or not happening—in front of him.  He’s a statue, gaze aimless, posture already looking worn and tired from leaving the house.  ]

blog update.

As we all know, I’m kind of a blog-making addict who says “this is the last one” every single time. (It’s never the last one. Ever.) And as we all know, it’s hard to keep up with somebody who makes and uses about a trillion blogs, so I thought it’s about time to update the list again for anyone who might care.

Before I list them, though, a note: most of my blogs contain subject matter that can get NSFW or triggering. The story lines I like to explore are more often than not a little heavy, and sometimes can even get a little dark. Keep that in mind before following any of these. 

  • orpheusturners — this one is my personal blog, so it’s a bit beside the point, but 9/10 times I’m there if I’m not on one of my writing blogs.
  • ohfiendangelical — you are here. I also refer to it as “home base” since I’ve had Zero the longest and make most core ooc posts here if they aren’t character-related or blog-specific.
  • neonisms — a hunter named Aiden who also runs a modern artistry shop / tattoo parlor. He’s very friendly and open.
  • holyvalley — a multichara (so far, and will probably stay, at 2 core characters, Prometheus and Judas) that explores a religious cult that lives up in the mountains. The friendliness of the characters usually depends, and one of them is borderline psychopathic. 
  • itisnotasickness — Andrew, a psychologist / therapist / psychiatrist / whatever you call it that cares deeply for his patients and sometimes treads immoral ground (i.e. killing abusers) to protect them. Almost always friendly.
  • godfruit — Cato is a mystic prophet that lives in a world-between-worlds that you come across by getting lost in the woods. He loves everyone and everything no matter what.
  • tetraphobics — an heir to a hunter and music empire named Christian. He’s high anxiety and not cut out for the future planned for him. Considering he probably wants your approval, he’s amiable nearly all the time.
  • jeweledhands — Esther. Rich bitch. Loveless marriage. “Money doesn’t buy happiness” theme. Kind of a ditz. May be a little stuck up, but generally sort of kind of nice.
  • gemeyed — Kolbe is a demon who specializes in the fictional science of pain extraction. He feels absolutely nothing and wants to torture you, but may appear passive/nice if he needs to lie.
  • xrating — Neely Bardot, a young pornographic film star. Her friendliness usually depends, but she isn’t ice cold.
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       —How basic do you think I am. Really.

 He guesses he understands that Zero is a little anxious about leaving—he’s impossibly close to Abra, and Micah is well aware of the anxiety that overtakes him whenever he’s away from Abra. Honestly, Micah wishes Zero would cut it out—but he can’t actually say that considering it was sorta Micah’s fault that Abra ended up in Hell in the first place. They stalk through the garden, Micah keeps himself a few steps ahead as he stars into the forest. He glances back at Zero. )

Really? Like, do you actually think if I were to kill you, I would do it in the forest? Jesus. Come on, hurry up.

Where would you do it, then. In front of Liam.

[  Zero still doesn’t know what’s going on there. He didn’t know what was going on there even before this whole mess happened; nobody ever talked about it and as far as he knows nobody will talk about it. At the moment, it’s all the same to Zero—the only reason he brings it up is because it’s the closest thing he has to a biting remark in response to Micah’s own slightly off-putting manner.  ]

I don’t have to kill anything, do I.

about zero;  




 He’s just being a brat—he doesn’t like doing shit that doesn’t benefit him, he doesn’t like this new (and annoying) sense of responsibility overtaking him, even if Cato can’t help but grin that stupid smug grin whenever he hears of it. Micah exhales sharply, registering faintly the little angel that hurries down the stairs, clings to the bannister, regards her Beau with a sense of fragility and bravery in her eyes. He clicks his tongue, urging Zero along. 

      We’re going to the forest.


I don’t suspect it’s changed much from the last time I was there. What are we going to do in the forest.

[  Zero shuffles, trying to pick up his feet the best he can, though he finds it much easier to drag them. He wants nothing more than to go back to bed, but he can feel gold eyes on him, and he doesn’t want to upset Abra by blatant refusal. He draws in a nauseated breath and looks toward Micah, still empty-eyed.  ]

Micah. Please don’t kill me.

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